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The completed eir flagship store in Dublin by IIS Ltd.

After years of service, Meteor is now no more and instead has been re-branded to eir. The phone brand which has over 700,000 customers has been part of the Eirgroup for the past 12 years. In the process of moving the brand to eir, IIS Ltd were the main contractor to refit eir stores across the country. The eir store shown below, on Henry Street in Dublin is the flagship store. IIS Ltd were proud to the main contractor on this and multiple eir locations nationwide.

A complete fit-out - 3 weeks in a 3 minute time-lapse!

Have a look at our timelapse video of the dramatic transformation at the Lucozade Ribena Suntory offices, The Chase, Sandyford. 

IIS Ltd delivered a complete design and build turnkey solution to this 9000 sq. ft. space in an impressive 7 weeks. With 4 weeks for pre construction and design development, followed up by a 3 week construction programme and over 5000 man hours onsite.

A big thank you to the client and all at the IIS team.

Wicked Office Design Trends in 2016...

Take a look at the top trends of the year and our top five office design trend predictions for 2016…

Nature - Biophillic Design - Bring it in...

There have been various studies regarding the benefits of bringing the outside into the workplace. It has been suggested that plenty of greenery can increase your employees productivity levels, well-being and creativity. According to a Report by Human Spaces, offices with plants and natural light can increase productivity by 6% and creativity by 15%. 

Lighting - Make it natural...

With nature quickly becoming a big part of office design – It is no surprise that lighting is also one of our top trends for 2016. Many workplaces today demonstrate a strong emphasis on feature lighting – Giving particular areas more or less light depending on individual working needs. Suprisingly, 47% of employees work in offices with no natural light while 55% don't have any greenery.


Colours - Vibrant - Colour and mood...

Like 2015, 2016 will continue to display a high demand in bright, bold and vibrant colours throughout commercial environments. Colours not only add a sense of identity and personality to a space but they are also key to supporting and enhancing your company brand. There have also been various studies suggesting that particular colours can improve the way we think and act.


Technology - Innovative workstations...

Innovative workstations featuring intelligent whiteboards and advanced videoconferencing cameras are just some of the tech that will become more prevalent in offices this year. In general, technology will be used in the office to make sharing ideas, presentations, and other content easier and more efficient. Employees will be able to access data and other information quicker, connect more frequently and easily share ideas.


Collaborative - Encouraging interaction...

This is nothing new – With companies such as Google pioneering collaborative working, but the open-office design concept is becoming more and more popular. Encouraging employee interaction is proven to increase productivity and morale among team members. It promotes a sense of community and is particularly conducive to creativity and innovation. Therefore it is a given that this will continue to become a growing trend throughout workplaces in 2016.

Office design phrases you will hear in 2016.. 

Green Building Practices, Co-working, Tech Infrastructure, Lifestyle Amenities, Activity Based Design, Design for Wellbeing. Did we mention green, brining the outside in, nature and more nature...

eir CEO and IIS Ltd work together...

CEO Richard Moat and IIS Ltd

Chief executive Richard Moat opens the new eir store on Henry Street, Dublin. "It is dynamic and modern,” said the CEO. IIS Ltd are proud to have been the main contractor with eir on the new flagship store. See our amazing time-lapse of the rebrand from start to finish below.

  Unveiling the eir brand at the flagship store completed by IIS Ltd, eir CEO Richard Moat.

Unveiling the eir brand at the flagship store completed by IIS Ltd, eir CEO Richard Moat.

The creation of eir is a €16 million project - thought to be Ireland’s largest rebrand in 20 years. The project involves 1,700 new shirts, hard hats and hi-vis vests for staff and new external signage for its 63 stores. With 50+  stores to be refitted to the new spec.



The Final Time-lapse Cut - Wow!

Here is the final time-lapse cut, from start to finish in closed to open in about sixty seconds. This is an amazing time-lapse of the Eircom rebrand. New name, new logo, IIS Ltd were the main contractor on the flagship store, completed ahead of schedule.



A Look Inside..