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The completed eir flagship store in Dublin by IIS Ltd.

After years of service, Meteor is now no more and instead has been re-branded to eir. The phone brand which has over 700,000 customers has been part of the Eirgroup for the past 12 years. In the process of moving the brand to eir, IIS Ltd were the main contractor to refit eir stores across the country. The eir store shown below, on Henry Street in Dublin is the flagship store. IIS Ltd were proud to the main contractor on this and multiple eir locations nationwide.

Spectrum House, London - A Complete Refurbishment.

IIS Ltd have recently completed the refurbishment of Spectrum House in central London. The building was once home to Marshall Amplifiers. The building underwent a complete high spec refurbishment of three floors, loading areas and new cladding to the central courtyard areas.

Through a gated archway leading to a central courtyard, Spectrum House offers a range of studios and offices from Workspace UK. Many of the spaces in this building feature wooden floors and exposed beams. Many are self-contained with their own entrances. Located just a short walk from Gospel Oak in a great location for with easy access to the city. The fit-out and refurbishment included WCs on all floors, construction of multiple new shower blocks and kitchen facilities to each floor. 

There was a reconfiguration of mechanical and electrical systems to suit landlord specification, internal refurbishment of all core areas to a high specification and reconfiguration and enhancement of entrance areas to the buildings. Metal cladding was installed to the courtyard area, naturally resistant to corrosion, is extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance. In addition, the flexibility, malleability, combined with its pleasing appearance, make it the material of choice for imaginative building projects. 

IIS Ltd continue to work with the Workspace team in creating new spaces. For further details on IIS Ltd and other stunning projects, connect with us at

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Interior Integration Solutions Ltd. The most innovative and successful interior fit-out company in Ireland and the UK. 


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Refurbish your workspace and reap the benefits.

When it comes to improving the performance of your business, there are many areas to look at, from recruitment and training, to marketing and customer service. However, one area which can have a major impact upon company performance, is the working environment.

At IIS Ltd we can help you transform your workspace into a modern, functional and vibrant space that will not only boost morale but will increase productivity and efficiency, help attract new clients and hold on to existing ones.


Modernise Your Image and attract new clients

Your office is, in effect, the face of your company, and the quality of your workplace can speak volumes about how your company is run, and even how successful your business is, which can make other customers or clientele have faith in the success of your company and be more inclined to do business with you.

Give potential customers or clients a great first impression with a lasting effect. A new planned look will ensure that your office is portraying the message you want to get across, fresh, vibrant and great to work with. 

Compliments a rebrand

Rebrands and refurbishments go hand in hand, because if you’re altering the depiction of your company to the outside world, you will want that theme to resonate through every aspect of your business, including your workplace. If your rebrand attracts new clients, their first impression of a tired office can negate the positive effects of your rebrand. 

Boost Morale 

Make your staff feel renewed and boost morale by investing in your working environment. Happiness can be designed into a workplace. The way to do it is talk to the people using that space. Anyone likely to be affected by a change in design have to be an integral part of the process. The best ideas on how to improve your workplace often come from the staff within and these prove to be the most successful projects.

Increased productivity

A new, attractive, light filled updated workplace that boosts the morale of your workers then in turn can increase their productivity. Staff who enjoy their work, and feel stimulated, work better, so a business makeover could improve your company’s output in the long-run.  

Improved efficiency

Refurbishing your workplace can allow you to alter the layout of your establishment, and you may find that by moving certain aspects of your office, you can increase the efficiency of your workplace. You can even take this opportunity to invest in new, high-quality equipment for your office that can increase the speed of functions.

More room for functional spaces

You may want to create extra offices or boardrooms in your current workplace, but simply don’t have the space – refurbishing can allow you to plan specially located spaces for these functional areas, and allow you cut them off from the general floor for more privacy

Improve the Layout 

Did you think about where you were going to place things when you moved in, or did you just put things where the power cables could reach? It may have been the easy option at first, but it’s now time to have a move about. An office fit out will mean your space is redesigned to fit your needs, so it really works for you.

Interior Integration Solutions Ltd. The most innovative and successful interior fit-out company in Ireland and the UK. 


IIS Ltd Ireland 

Unit A3, Celbridge M4 Business Park, Maynooth Road, Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland.

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LabelTech Office Refurbishment.

Label Tech are an award winning self adhesive label printing company who design & manufacture custom labels for all kinds of industries across Ireland & the UK.

IIS Ltd recently refurbished the existing space and to make a more dynamic working environment through the clever spatial planning, efficient lighting design and a contrast of materials. The team created a successful contemporary office environment achieving a natural flow between spaces.

Quick ways to improve your Office space.

Does your office interior need a fit out?


Office Mezzanines

Enabling you to almost double your floor space, and often eliminating the need to relocate, the installation of an office mezzanine floor is a practical and stylish choice for commercial, retail and industrial premises. As well as adding a contemporary and chic edge to your building, mezzanine floors are cost effective and much less disruptive than moving offices, and can usually be installed in a matter of days, depending on the circumstances.


Glass Partitions and Glass Walls and Graphics

Frameless glass partitions make a great addition to any office, and can be used to separate spaces between desks, create meeting areas, and create walkways around a building. Glass walls offer extra privacy and soundproof barriers, and are perfect for boardrooms and private offices, offering a separated space, but still enjoying the benefits of an open-plan space. Glass partitions and walls can be built bespoke to your business space, and also branded with logos and designs as required. Graphics add an extra dimension to an existing space.


Movable partitions

Movable partitions also known as folding walls, flat panels, movable walls, and room dividers — set the standard for quality, durability, acoustic separation, and ease of movement. They are the creative way to add flexibility and functionality to your space. There are many different options available to suit different budgets and requirements and can be insulated and fire rated as needed.

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Creative Storage  

Many companies struggle with effective storage solutions, therefore it is essential that you assess your current storage needs, and see if they are being met efficiently. Racking and industrial storage can be tailored to warehouse and retail spaces, to ensure that every inch of space is used to the maximum potential, hence adding to an increase in space productivity and revenue maximization. Multi-tiered shelving can be added to an office space to make use of vertical wall space and can be tailored to the height and capacity of the building, depending on what you need to store on the shelves.


Bespoke Office furniture

An important part of your office fit out is the office furniture used, and although off-the-shelf furniture can be purchased online for relatively cheap, a more effective approach would be to create bespoke office furniture, tailored to your space and culture, so that It complements the office perfectly. 

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